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Stoupid Pizza In UK

WELCOME …. Join Our Family of  “STOUPIDS”
Passionate … Enterprising … Innovative

Who are we ?
We are Stoupid UK Ltd.
Where are we ?
Our offices are based in Coventry and we serve Nationwide.
What do we do ?
Develop new concepts for Restaurants , Takeaways & Street Vendors.We put together packages at very affordable prices which includes all the Advertising, to enable you to create a successful product to be sold in your premises at High Profit Margins. We are a new Company but not new to the food Industry. Coming from a family background of chefs and being total ‘foodies’ ourselves we have come up with new and delicious creations to enhance the foods sold in ‘Food Outlets’….Fuss Free and Simple, you leave us to create and put together the package to enhance your business while we leave you to do what you do best and that is prepare, cook and serve delicious food. We know and understand its hectic running and managing a Business, hence we keep things simple and easy to do and our Starter Packages are aimed in doing exactly that Simple … Easy to Follow … with Clear Instructions.  Please contact us in the first instance by entering your data below.

Whats the point of Registering ?

Buy registering we can keep you informed of new ideas in fastfood. Acesses to professional tutorials which will help you in maximising your effort in the takeaway. Also we have a special shop where promotional material is sold at bargian prices. This is only avialable via registering and after personally verified  you are a bonafide person who is  a takeaway owner. This shop is not accessible to the general public.


Stoupid UK Ltd
84 Holmsdale Road
Coventry CV6 5BJ
Tel: 02476 27 81 02


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