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Stoupid Pizza In UK

Stoupid Pizza is an Envelope Pizza. Stoupid because like Superman who wears his underpants on the outside, this pizza has its toppings on the inside. Hence it is stoupid but what a wonderful idea when you think of all the advantages….Stoupid Pizza… where the filling is on the inside . and base conviently shaped to contain the filling. Eat on the move. Hence it is the Original Eating Walking Pizza. You can run for a bus eating this pizza.. Try doing this with a pizza box and pizza slice. This pizza never droppes ..No messy fingers trying to stop the toppings sliding off.

So do we sell this stoupid pizza here no… We set up local takeaways to do Stoupid Pizzas. So next time you are in your local takeaway ask them why are they not doing stoupid pizza ? and tell them where they can find out about Stoupid Pizza.

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